Ignore Hitler May Be Dead, But…

Thanks to everyone for checking out my new completely pointless Tumblr SERIOUS MEN HOLDING BIRDS. Although, if you prefer my stupid drawings, please check out my other Tumblr WEIRD STUFF I DREW/WROTE AS A CHILD in which I post some awful stuff I found in a cupboard.

I might not be doing Ignore Hitler anymore, but I still like to see people keeping the fuhrer’s gratuitous mission alive, so if you’re still into that, you can LIKE the Ignore Hitler Facebook Page, or follow me on Twitter. And there’s also a couple of unseen Hitlers on my Instagram.


  1. sbecca said: This was the best tumblr page ever!
  2. ask-stickeh said: Why not have people submit more Ignore Hitler’s?
  3. thahalfrican said: I hope this is hitler talking so I can ignore it :(
  4. ignorehitler posted this
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